$ 116.00

The indulgence of a nice quiet moment soaking in the tub, lights dimmed with the scent of the candle floating through the room, the distant flicker of the wick, body calming with each breath. Rejuvenation at its finest. And a rare occurrence for most of us. This box is meant to be the gentle encouragement of those moments.

Each Serene Gift includes:

  • Cacala Turkish Towel, Gray + White.
  • Formulary55 Milk + Honey Candle.
  • French Girl Organics Rose Cleansing Wash.
  • CMS Knits Knit Wash Cloth, Gray.
  • French Girl Organics Rose Sea Soak.

Choice of Packaging: White Hi Walled Box, Wooden Slide Top Box, or Personalized Wooden Slide Top Box.

Natural Wood Slide Top Box available upon request.