Serene, Petite

$ 62.00

A curated blend of essentials and treats combines itself into a bijou of restorative indulgences. Edited to be slightly smaller than the Serenity this box retains a beautiful amount of relaxing goodness under its lid. An encouragement to the recipient to slip away and soak up a few stolen moments alone.

Each Serene Petite Gift includes:

  • Formulary 55 Sea Salt + Lavender Candle.
  • Formulary 55 Milk + Honey Bath Tablet.
  • French Girl Organics Rose Cleansing Wash.
  • CMS Knits Knit Wash Cloth, Gray.

Choice of Packaging: White Hi Walled Box, Wooden Slide Top Box, or Personalized Wooden Slide Top Box.

Natural Wood Slide Top Box available upon request.